About Annabel

Annabel is a Life Coach and Author.  Before discovering coaching Annabel called herself a ‘Professional Opportunist’ – another way of saying that she had no clue what she wanted to do when she grew up.  She took opportunities to try new things whenever she could and has had many career changes, including working in the theatre, travel writing, voice overs,  journalism and making radio documentaries for the BBC.
She lived overseas for 15 years: five years in Indonesia (Borneo and Java) and ten in Los Angeles. She’s travelled widely and survived earthquakes, riots, leech attacks in the jungle, spending a week with head-hunters and becoming inadvertently betrothed to a Dani warrior.
She says “I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a varied life and so many amazing experiences.  I’ve learned a lot about life over the years and I’m able to bring that knowledge and wisdom to my work – something they don’t teach on coaching courses…”
Writing is in her blood. Her grandmother, Denise Robins, wrote almost 200 romantic novels, earning her the title The Queen of Romance in the 1960s. Her aunt, Claire Lorrimer, is also a prolific writer and is the author of many best-selling historical sagas.
This is Annabel’s fourth book. Previous titles are:
  • The Islands In Between, Travels in Indonesia

  • 52 Ways to Handle It

  • 52 Ways to Change Your Life

52 Ways to Transform Your Life is a compilation of Annabel’s favourite, and most successful monthly Coaching Tips.  She started writing these tips in 2000 – originally for her clients, but word soon spread and she now has a large and dedicated readership. She says:  “I really enjoy writing my monthly tips.  I write from the heart and love to hear from readers that a Tip has landed in their inbox at just the right time.  It’s uncanny how often that happens.”
She runs a thriving coaching practice and loves working with unconventional people who want to live their lives differently. Her clients say she’s “inspiring”, “energising”, “fun to work with” and even “ferrety”!  She’s been coaching since 1999 and was one of the first life coaches in the UK to be awarded a coaching credential. She became a Professional Certified Coach in 2005.


Annabel lives on the Wiltshire/Dorset border. She’s a life-long procrastinator and a fairly recent Quaker. She’s passionate about the countryside, kindness, good food and organic gardening. Her allotment is symbolic of her life — quirky and a bit non-conformist but surprisingly productive!

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